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Questions at Olympiad or gifted level are introduced in higher-order tutorials.  Advanced math problems will stretch the minds of gifted students, and will require much accurate and persevering mathematical manipulation. This training will not only prepare students for Gifted Education and Olympiads, but also give them situational maturity beyond adults. The next time you encounter a problem in life, ask your X-Factor! child for alternative solutions. You will be surprised!


Never be lost again! At X-Factor!, we empower your child with the best methods to solve a math problem. The list of solution methods is endless and confusing: units and parts, equating numerators, sets and groups, internal transfer, assumption methods and many others. Our students are trained to identify keywords and link these keywords to the most relevant method.  X-Factor! makes scoring A* in examinations simple!


Our students are given much practice to weed out careless mistakes and reinforce basic concepts. Tutorial questions are aplenty; speed tests and mock examination papers trains and assesses the students ability to perform under stress.  Through patient and loving coaching, each student is nurtured to deal with school-based problems proficiently and accurately, at the very least.


The ‘X-Factor’! Math program is different from any other Math program.  It is a program where excellence is developed and brilliance is imbibed in each and every child. The resident educators have a proven track record of bringing up top PSLE students, and have many years of experience managing student and parent academic goals.

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