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X is a common random variable used in Math. It can be assigned any value, even infinity. It is our firm belief at X-Factor! that the potential of every child is limitless. The milestones that we empower your child to achieve are limitless.


x! = x(x-1)(x-2)(x-3)......
The factorial sign indicates that the preceding numbers of an integer are to be multiplied together. This signifies the culmination of the half a decade of experience that our educators possess. Our educators are skilled in equipping and stretching the intellectual boundaries of your child. This translates your child's potential into tangible capabilities; the least of them being the ability to score A*s.


The quotient is obtained after division. Students at X-Factor! are part of an exclusive group of individuals who are highly motivated and super achievers. Amongst them are top students and medalists at Olympiads; the cream of their generation. Excellence of paramount importance at X-Factor!, each student is spurred on towards greatness by the resident educators and peers.

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