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Mrs Lee has patiently held my hands in navigating the labyrinth of mathematical concepts and questions since P4. The solid and strong foundation she has laid for me has empowered me to face all math questions confidently and solve them with ease. Though strict, she is much more than a teacher to me. I will never forget her words of encouragement, her care, concern and of course, her cookies! Thank you, Mrs Lee, from the bottom of my heart.

Lim Ein Le

It has been almost 15 years since Mrs Lina Ting first taught me and I remember I had always enjoyed her classes. Today, she still provides me valuable advice on other aspects in life. Mrs Ting is not just a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher, she is also a confidant. Thank You and Congratulations Mrs Ting! With X-factor, you can continue to spread your love for math. I will not hesitate to send my kids in the future to X-factor for enjoyable and enriching classes!

Sun Rui Yi

Mrs Ting has been the best Math teacher I've ever had. The previous tuition I went for just gave work and they never taught us the steps. I feel that we shouldn't learn without knowing the method and that is why I chose to trust in X-Factor.

Sarah Elizabeth Low

My path crossed with Mrs Lina Ting some 20 years ago back in Secondary School whe she was my Math teacher. Being the impatient girl i was (and still am!) I remember her patiently explaining the Math concepts to me. Above all, she is a dedicated educator who believes in character building more than mere formal education. I look forward to the days when she will tutor my daughter!

Wenni Aw

Having a teacher who genuinely cares for the development of a student is important, and I was fortunate to have been taught by such a teacher in secondary school - Mrs Lina Ting. Mrs Ting goes the extra mile to make sure that her students thoroughly grasp the fundamentals/logic of the subject, even if it means more work and more time spent on her part. The importance of logical thinking cannot be overstated (even if you end up in a career that has little use of Math, like law). Thank you Mrs Ting.

Juliana Kho

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