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‘X-Factor’! Quotient is a place where each child is lovingly and carefully nurtured to the best of the his/her potential. Top-notch educators with proven track records work personally with your child to groom a star leader.


‘X-Factor’! Quotient is a cosmopolitan environment where top students from schools congregate to share ideas, work together as well as engage in friendly competition. Each class experience is made challenging and stimulating by the contributions of the Current Geniuses and Future Scholars that come to ‘X-Factor’! Quotient.

Do YOU have the ‘X-Factor’!?

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High-Quality Teaching

How It Works

“Having a teacher who genuinely cares for the development of a student is important, and I was fortunate to have been taught by such a teacher in secondary school - Mrs Lina Ting. Mrs Ting goes the extra mile to make sure that her students thoroughly grasp the fundamentals/logic of the subject, even if it means more work and more time spent on her part. The importance of logical thinking cannot be overstated (even if you end up in a career that has little use of Math, like law). Thank you Mrs Ting.”

Juliana Kho

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